Greetings and welcome to my blog

This is my blog during my journey from 2013-2015. I am looking to edit and make the blog better. Please leave your comments (sorry non religious please and sans the curses and namecalling). I would recommend the readers to help proofread and add their ideas if they please. I look to publish the recommended post in a readable e-book by year 2017.
Thank you for your understanding. PEACE AND LOVE!

The several “wonders” were designed and built with certain things in mind: a place to uninhibitedly show veneration to idols, a clubhouse to get dizzied up by wine and perverted orgies, and a platform (if you will) for the sacrifice of those thought to be unworthy of exchanging carbon dioxide for oxygen. Those facts cancel out any fascination i might have had for the architecture. I’m not enchanted by structures dedicated to the slaughtering of humans. You shouldn’t be either.

You can never leave your girl/woman/wife unattented for too long. For predators shall creepeth forth and proceedeth to partake in feasting on the fruits that were solely meant for your consumption. Be extra wary of overregular visiting friends. They probably just be circling, gritting their teeth in impatience, waiting to catch you offguard so they can tear into the flesh of your prize. I put it out there that i didn’t mean to stir or stoke up paranoia. But all of the aforementioned is usually the birthing of the storm that might eventually be headed in your direction

The data well is running dry. But atleast i didn’t abuse or steal it for that matter (unlike the superpowers.) i don’t know how long i’ve got, since i’ve somehow contracted a strain of ……. Relax. Just kicking and stomping on the depressive goblins running wild inside of me. Hoping that the acridness in my mind will have a fresher aroma by tomorrow. Ey, i’m tired as hell. Good morning or afternoon or night to all the truthseekers out there. I’m about to pull my eyes off the day’s road.

Your emotions, are manufactured by chemical reactions, if you consider it an over-simplification, that’s all swell, but it’s an effective one nonetheless. Before; (not that things are any less hostile than they were billions of years ago), instincts weren’t on the same level as they are now. We lost some attributes that weren’t needed anymore, and we gained some that could aid us in the wake of that which we had to shed because of circumstances, such as the availability of food. This leads us to unnecessary disconnection of sorts. I ask questions and some are never answered. Hence this blog.